Confederations Cup and other random things
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About the Confederations Cup...
WE WON!! I knew it! USA played such a tough game, and for a moment, when US scored 2-0, I believed Brazil would loose this time. I was out during the break, and when I arrived home, Brazil had already scored one goal, and this made me still believe in our victory! We made a great comeback, and the game finished 3-2 for Brazil.
I'm happy my country is the champion, but at the same time I'm afraid cause the countries that had won this Cup, never won the World Cup the year after... (bad memories from 2006)  But I hope this story will be changed! :D
Congratulations to Andre Santos, who played good matches the whole competition, now he needs to come back to Corinthians and help us winning the BR Cup this Wednesday! And congrat. to USA, that has arrived where no one had expected! ^.^

Tomorrow I'll have more driving lessons, parking is not that difficult as I thought, but my granpa's car is much more difficult to drive then the one I'm having lessons with, and I did many mistakes . Well, the exam is this Friday, I hope I can be approved!

And I'm on vacations now! God knows how much I need this rest. Next semester I need to study harder, cause even though I got good marks, I don't want to be afraid of not passing at any subject. o_0

Pairing survey
AUtB - Maria
So, my friend rikkaisaku had made a survey about the pairings she loves/hates, and I decided to make it too! :3
So here it goes!

Pairings Survey

Six Pairings I Like:

1) Ryoma/Sakuno
2) Fuji/Sakuno
3) Tamaki/Haruhi
4) Tezuka/Miyuki
5) Tezuka/Sakuno
6) Hikaru/Haruhi

Three Ships I've Abandoned:

7) Kyouya/Haruhi
8) Tomoka/Horio
9) Momoshiro/An

Three Ships I've Never Liked:

10) Fuji/An
11) Ryoma/Tomoka
12) Atobe/An

Two Ships that have Piqued my Interest:

13) Kirihara/An
14) Kintarou/Sakuno

The questions:

#1. Why do you dislike #11 so much?

Because, even though I like Tomoka, Ryoma obviously doesn’t like her that way. His personality just can’t fit with hers.

#2. Who do you know that ships #13?

This shipping is growing a lot lately. Everyone who likes this couple surely knows about moehoshi/Sempaisama and rikkaian. But who I’m sure doesn’t like it is rikkaisaku. ;D

#3. What would be your ideal scenario for couple #3?

A totally unpredictable couple, but I'll be nice, maybe in a romantic dinner, Tamaki tells her about his feelings.

#4. What is your favorite moment for #1?

Ah, there are a lot of little sweet moments with them, but I loved in the end of the OVA 26, Sakuno’s writing a letter for Ryoma, who is in the USA, and she finishes the letter talking about the cherry blossoms  =^.^=

#5. How long have you been following couple #6?

Since I watched the episode where they go on a date, that was a long ago, but I remember when he protects her from the lightings. It was sweet! And in the manga he confesses to her. <3

#6. What's the story with #8? What made you stop caring?

I don’t like Horio that much, I think Tomoka deserver better, maybe Kaidoh! Tomoka is always bossing towards him, and they won’t be very happy if they were together. ..I guess.

#7. Which ship do you prefer--#2 or #4?

It’s hard to choose, maybe I like FujiSaku better, it’ll be so cute if they had more moments together. Sakuno is the only girl in PoT who fits Fuji the best. But TezukaMiyuki is also too much love! Tezuka had never been so protective towards a girl before. ^.^ But I’ll choose FujiSaku!

#8. You have the power to make one ship non-existent. Choose from #10 or #12.

I would erase all the little FujiAn moments that Konomi put in the anime, because these were all fillers! In the manga they had just exchanged like two phrases, and all talking about her dear brother, Kippei. Btw, Fuji never cared so much about Tachibana when he got injured…. So FujiAn is already non-existent.

#9. What interests you about #14?

The way these two have met is very, well….interesting! And a boy falling down on your head, it means something, right? XD Kintarou was also very sweet with her when he said her rice balls were delicious, Sakuno needed some compliments from a guy, because Ryoma was always cold with her. It was nice to show Sakuno that there’re other guys around there, not just Ryoma.

#10. When did you stop liking #7?

I just realized that there weren’t anything going on between them, they are just good friends.

#11. Did your waning interest in #9 kill your interest in the series?

No, it didn’t. Kamio is the best for An. Not that I care much for them, but Momoshiro just like her as friend. I love PoT 4ever!! :D

#12. What's a song that reminds you of #5?

Well, eheheh, probably “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz. Not that the lyrics has much to do with the couple, but the moment I start loving this couple, this was my favorite song then, so I kinda relate them unconsciously.

#13. Which of these ships do you love the most right now?

It’s RyomaSakuno!! I still hopes they get together, this will always be my #1 couple! Konomi, we want Ryoma and Sakuno togeeeethheerrr!!!!

#14. Which do you dislike the most?

FujiAn! I don’t have a deadly hate towards them, I just don’t feel good when they’re together. They can be just friends. :D

#15. If you could have any of these pairings double date, who would they be?

FujiSakuno and TezukaMiyuki! Yes, I can see that! ehehe

#16. Have #2 kissed yet? Elaborate if yes.

Unfortunately, no! ¬¬ They had barely talked to each other before. But if they kissed, it would be a very sweet kiss, with Sakuno blushing... *dreams* :3

#17. Did #4 have a happy ending? Do you think one is likely?

When they get older they will be a very good couple! The manga hasn’t finished yet, but Miyuki is gonna make an appearance in the new OVA when Seigaku goes to Osaka. And in the Pot tribute, under Konomi’s supervision,  Inui said that Tezuka likes younger girls, and the moment he says that, Miyuki appears inside a heart calling “dorobo no niichan!” . So I can say they'll have a happy end, even if they don’t get together.

#18. What would make you start shipping #14?

Read question #9.

#19. If only one could happen, which would you prefer--#2 or #6?

FujiSaku! FujiSaku! FujiSaku!!

#20. You have the power to decide the fate of #10. What happens to them?

I kinda like An, so it’s ok if they just stay as friends. Because he would like Sakuno anyway…xD

Sakuno fanarts
AUtB - Maria
So, this week I was looking for some good Sakuno fanarts when I found a link to this site, and I quickly feel in love with her drawings! :3 If I'm not wrong, her name is Suzume-san! The style of the drawings are just beautiful! ^_^ And there are a lot of Sakuno pairings, really a lot!

I almost screamed when I saw some particular fanarts, a TezuSaku one and a KuraSaku one. It's so hard to find good (and crack!) sakuno-chan's fanarts! T_T

All Sakuno's fans, I recommend to take a look at her site! :D


February subjects
AUtB - Maria
So, I started College about a month ago, and I'm liking it! I had never been so busy before with classes, pre-classes and classes on Saturday... but I had no trouble untill now... The only problem in my class happened this week, involving a classmate and my Penal teacher, but I wasn't involved! Fortunately...Oh, yeah! At the first day we had a "welcome party" for the newcomers, it was very intense! I came back to home without one of my shoes... and I didn't remember a lot of things that happened cause I was almost drunk xD... I've never drank before, I hate baverages! :P

Well, the Laws course is in a different building from the other courses of the Univ. , where I made my entrance exams. While the main building, located far from the city, is new, modern, huge and comfortable, the Laws course's building, located downtown, is about 130 years old, small, and it's not so comfortable  ToT, but it's a beautiful building. And I heard it has a lot of giant cockroaches, well...I have seen only one cockroach until now, but it was not so big. I think that's because the first floor's cockroaches are smaller then the sencond floor's ones. >_< That's what I heard.

This last month was very calm, I did not travel on holiday, I was at home making homeworks, and I didn't want to make any party for my birthday, but my mom wanted to buy a cake and call some relatives, so I agreed xD By the way, my sister ate almost the whole cake...

And is so hot!! Seriously, it's more then 32º C outside! All the chocolates I won for my bday are melting ToT

Shin no Oujisama chapter 1
PoT - Sights on you - Kura
  I was about to turn off my computer when I decided to look for some infos about the new PoT manga, because I didn't know when it would be released, just that would be in March. When I found out the manga was alread out, I got really excited! I  didn't rest untill I got the download link for the manga, but in Chinese. I read it together with the english comments on the tenipuri community and I would say I really liked this first chapter. The drawings are pretty good, for my relief!
They showed a lot of characters from almost all the teams (I just didn't see any from St. Rudolph) , but what I liked is that Konomi put Shitenhouji in a most notable way then the other rival teams! ^ ^ And it's nice seeing a hyper Kin-chan again! But...poor Zaizen...he wasn't called for the camping, why?? I wanted to see him playing at least a match! ToT
Now, talking about Ryoma, he is a show off as always! That thing he did to enter the train was really... unnecessary, but amazinga! XD And Momo and Kaidoh still keep on discussing, when they arrived at the U-17 camping. I won't say about the U-17 characters already, because I think it's too early, just that they seem kind of arrogant ¬¬ And that one of them really looks like Kite from Higa! XD

Well, now we must wait a whole month for the next chapter. But at least we have more pages to read!  ^ ^

Writer's Block: Daily Grind
AUtB - Maria
Describe your morning routine.
I used to wake up about 6:30 am, but nowadays I'm waking at 7:30 am. I eat my breakfast, brush my teeth and make my bed. I use the internet, and then I wash the breakfast dishes, and then back to the internet. I have lunch at 12:15.
Basically is that but I'm always doing something different depending on the day.

Kenya is the one
AUtB - Maria
Another AMV I made. This time is for Oshitari Kenya :3 I thought he deserved a video for him!

Disclaimer: I do not own Tennis no Oujisama or the music!!

Marley & Me
AUtB - Maria

I went to watch the movie yesterday and I loved it!! I knew I couldn't avoid crying and i didn't! When comes to dogs I'm really sensitive T_T But I wasn't the only one crying, fortunately. The movie was almost perfect!

I've read the book two years ago and I cried in both! There were just a few details I missed in the movie, like John saying he never had a dog, while he had Shaun when he was a kid. And also John and Jenny were supposed to choose together Marley's name, and not only John.
But the part i missed the most was Marley going upstairs by itself when everyone thought he never couldn't. I was even saving my tears for this moment, but...anyway... I really loved the movie! Almost perfect as I said! I want to watch it again in DVD! ^_^
I'm happy they put the part where John said that dogs don't care if you are rich or poor and other things... i wanted to hug my dog sooo much! She is also old, she's going 11 years old in March. i don't wanna her to die! T_T

Well, but definatelly, all the dogs deserve heaven!!

Miyuki Chitose Tribute
AUtB - Maria
My lastest AMV. A Chitose Miyuki Tribute.  ^_^
The Music is Planetarium by Ai Otsuka.

False friendship?
AUtB - Maria
Ok, I got really bored today. Why?
Well, first I would like to say that it's not good being surrounded by negative people. They turn your life into a big clutter of negative thoughts and make you feel like a sh*t. Isn't much better being with someone who is constantly thinking and saying good things even in bad situations than with someone who tries to find bad things and intentions in everything? This is even worse if the person in question has an egocentric attitude.

For the past four years I had a best friend. During this time I also had other good friends but, for some reason, she was the person who I got closer with. But the problem is that she is a very difficult girl to deal with, too much impatient. Every little thing gets on her nerves. I tried many times to warn her about her temper, but she thinks she's doing the right thing being angry and saying things to let people down, even if it's her best friend. It was like about three years ago when we were at the school library, she was looking for things in some magazines for a homework and I unintentionally lost the pages she marked, then she yelled I was a useless person and that I spoil things instead of helping, this in a silent library, where everybody was hearing and looking at me after she went out. I got a bit disappointed with myself  and I was thinking like "You didn't need to yell like that", but I wasn't mad at her. After some hours we were friends again. I started thinking she was a very pessimist person, if she doesn't understand a school subject and tries to study, she gets mad and says she will never understand it. It happened twice this year. The first was before an English test, she doesn't understand almost anything in English, so I offered to help her with the subject, I even wrote some words on the black board for her, and after a time when I asked her to translate the words, I started talking with another friend beside me about the test, what made her very angry and she told us very rudely to get very far from her and stop pertubing her because we weren't helping in anything. The second happened last week, when she asked me to teach her Math, and again she couldn't understand it so she started yelling me to let her alone. The truth is that she didn't pay attention to the teacher's explanation and didn't do almost any exercises, while she was there talking to our other friends I was doing the activities and she dared to tell me that no matter how much she studies, she never takes a good grade in Math tests.

Ok, so these are just few examples on her behavior. Today I was in a good mood, we were all talking normally about many subjects, and since I love to personate, I started personating the way she speaks just to make her laugh, I even had asked my friends to personate me. But she didn't liked it and say it to me "Did you know you are an idiot?". Now I'm very angry with her althought I kept it to myself. I can realize that we are two different person. I'm the happy and outgoing one and she is the serious and nervous one. Sometimes I say things without thinking, but hadn't we being friends for more than four years? Didn't I apologize her when she didn't come to my birthday party and let me waiting in my house for half an hour? And the party was at my grandma's. I had to call her and she told me she wasn't coming because of the rain!

Now I think that it's better to remove such negative person from my life. Since the classes are almost finished and next year I'll go to the College, this kind of "friendship" I prefer not to have. I'll still talk to her, but I prefer not being too close to her anymore because I don't wanna feel these bad feelings again in the future. 

That's it.


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