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OTP's meme
Reborn x Luce
Meme snagged from

1) Pick 10 OTPs from 10 different fandoms. (or 5 ships from 5 fandoms, etc.)
2) Without saying anything, post an image/images for the ship. Bonus points if it's official/based off an official moment. (the image, if it's a comic, can have text)
3) Squee!

* Ryoma Echizen / Sakuno Ryuuzaki (The Prince of Tennis)

* Colonello / Lal Mirch (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!)

* Keiichi Maebara / Ryuugu Rena (Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni)

* Tezuka Kunimitsu / Miyuki Chitose (The Prince of Tennis)

* Hibari Kyouya / I-pin (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!)

* Gamma / Uni (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!)
I love the fact that they are so pedo and at the same time so canon! :3


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Ahhh! The RyoSaku burns my eeyyeeesss! XD

...Though why only Six? :< And TezuMiyu Manga scan?! BAH!! [THIS] is better. :>

ehehe =)
I put 6 because I have very few it's better like that..

Ah! I'll put this fanart instead! :3

I like Hibari/I-pin too, by the way! And ColoLal. :> I'm more of HibaLal/DinoLal though. XD

Ah, no need to put my name up there. >A

this is a really interesting meme! Although i probably won't manage it since i often don't have OTP in regard to canon characters. But it is an interesting idea. :)

:D I love to make these memes when I don't have much to do! xD I would love to see yours too, but yeah, i know it can be more difficult in your case. But I know you can! ^.^

Since I'm on only 2 fandoms actualy, it also got pretty hard for me to make this.

thanks, I think i shall try it. but what is the difference between ship and OTP?

I think a ship is the same as a pair, and a OTP is like the pair you like the most.
I think that's it. :3

I like this meme, can I use it too? I had some fandoms I like to post.

Of course! ^.^
I'd love to see yours too!

Thanks, I just made them earlier.

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