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I'll be aunt!
AUtB - Maria
Sorry everyone for the long time without updating my journal.

So, yesterday night I found my older sister is gonna have a baby! It got me on surprise though, I'm still kinda shocked too say anything :D... I just hope she becomes more responsible now : ] 

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hey, huge congratulations!!!

Congratulations to new babies! ;D

Okay, I'm betting she/he'll be born on July 21!!! XD
Now watch me be wrong.

Thanks, Keisuke-chan! ^.^

I have no idea when he/she will be born, but I think it's around May, idk xD
But I already took note of your bet ;D

I'm gonna win! D<

XDD I do hope she's gonna be a girl. ;D


btw, may we be friends?:D

Thanks! ^.^

Sure we can! Though I rarely upload my journal, xD
I already added you! I would love to take a look at yout fanarts ;)

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